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When should I replace my Heat Pump 

The summers being what they are in Florida it seems that it gets hotter every year and it is just unbearable without A/C. There will be a time when you as a homeowner will need to make the investment to replace your worn out system. In this post I will go over a few common red flags. 

Your air is not as cool as you remember 

Maybe you think your heat pump is running like it always has, however it won’t cool off your home. Sometimes there are problems that can be addressed to fix this issue so don’t feel like you’re alone. There may be a maintenance issue, but don’t feel like you must be stuck with a A/C that barely gets by. 

The System does not work 

If you are not implementing the proper preventative maintenance this will happen. A repair to your system is cheaper than a replacement, although it may make you uncomfortable for as bit it does not warrant a replacement. Even if you must get a repair and go without cool air for a couple of hours, this won’t provide a good enough reason to replace the system. If you are having constant problems and repair cost you might want to consider replacement depending on the age of your system. At the end of the day an investment in a replacement could save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run. 

You’re Paying Too Much 

You have a good idea of how much your energy bill should be during the seasons when your heat pump comes into play. If the bills start to rise above that level, in spite of there being no change to your cooling schedule, then you’ll want a professional to assess your system to determine if it’s time for a new installation. 

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If you live in Clay County or surrounding areas and are considering replacing your heat pump system, contact Hickman’s Heating and Air Conditioning today. We are a family-owned and -operated company that has based our core values on Respect, Integrity, Customer Focus, and Expert Craftsmanship. We are here for you. 

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